Wednesday, April 30, 2008

wierd species

Here, im going to introduce you the new but weird species dat can be found in MS.. We recently being active in this research team. The team is composed of only me and sarah.. we are the future researchers so dont be dissappointed people...

Here are the list of species dat we recently found in MS:
  1. Shark
  2. Ikan Buntal
  3. Amoeba
  4. Donkey
  5. Peacock
  6. Samut
  7. King kong
  8. Kuyuk
  9. Racoon
  10. Lipas
  11. Ambuk
  12. Polar bear
  13. Kalentugi
  14. Siput
  15. Jirapah
  16. Buaya
  17. Gorilla
  18. Zebra
  19. Bulldog

the list is not yet finalised... so guys be patient~ we can only name 19 species rite now.. We will continue our research for ever n ever *yea rite*

hmmm so dilah n cody.. bersih bilik lih kamu?? krg kna lock kmu ddalam BOOOOOH

Monday, April 28, 2008

Masih hidup.

At 9.51pm waktu kitani......

Brunei was hit by an earthquake........

Aku makan mee mamak masatu..........

Or was I.....?

sekalinya.......seluruh alam begagar.............

Pokok kelapa pun turut bergoncang......

Mubail ku yang ber-recharging dalam almari of books pun turut berdansa.....

Kabooooooooooooooooooooom my phone went.



Sunday, April 27, 2008

April summary *part 2 sal dilah nda mention certain people Xp*

Happy birthday (s) to:
  • Cristina 1st April
  • Yusri 2nd April
  • Najib 3rd April
  • Amalina 4th April
  • Marlene 5th April
  • Yasmin 6th April
  • Fiqah R 7th April
  • Ck Shikin 8th April
  • Ck Shimah 10th April
  • Izzudin 14th April
  • Yee Fah 18th April
  • Syahirah 19th April

Wahahah imagin if kamu selebrate their birthday... hmmmm abis duit

End of post.
Counting down to 28th April Xp

April Summary

Happy birthday (s) to:
  • Colin 7th April
  • Yenlavs 16th April
  • Ian Chan 23th April
  • Izzylavs 24th April
  • Khairi Isnon =.= 26th April

End of post.

Counting down to 28th April

Saturday, April 26, 2008




Thursday, April 24, 2008

16 going on 17. *mcm kenal title ah*

Here I would like to wish Nur Izyani Bte Hj Md Isa, A very FAT 17th birthday!!! Dibu kau makin mature dah so bektah bisai2 ulah atu.. bisai plg dah.. ure not FAT so jgntah ko takutkan makan.. jgn d dangar ckp si ehsan atu!

so ppl pasanh mata.. ure bout to see the histrory of izzy.. Xp

when she was in fom 1 kan.. ia seklas sma aku n dis was how she looked like

I noe, i noe... she was big last time not FAT! kuang ajar kmu yg ngucap ia fat. ku tumbuk2 kmu jd belacan krg.. ku sula2 kmu makai gagawi!! hmmphh balum abis cetaku lagi..

N now after bersusah payah mendaki gunung tuk mencapai tingkatan 6 di maktab sains, anitah sulnya msa ani..

nah kan~ nyasal kmukan sal ngucap2 ia dulu.... ngalih ia workout tu bui! So bektah kmu meminta ampun n maaf ke atas dis girl n bagi ia present*hmmmm* or at least wish ia kah apakah..

ps : si izzy single Xp heheh

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

last episode

I was boredkan iatah I googled random things... n dis one caught my attention..
Series finale rumors

There are three current and often quoted urban legends that started spreading in late 1980s of an ending to the Doraemon series.

The first and the more optimistic ending was made public by Nobuo Sato several years ago. Doraemon's battery power ran out, and Nobita was given a choice between replacing the battery inside a frozen Doraemon, which would cause it to reset and lose all memory, or await a competent robotics technician who would be able to resurrect the cat-robot one day. Nobita swore that very day to work hard in school, graduate with honours, and become that robotics technician. He successfully resurrected Doraemon in the future as a robotics professor, became successful as an AI developer, and thus lived happily ever after, thus relieving his progeny of the financial burdens that caused Doraemon to be sent to his space-time in the first place. A dōjin manga for this ending was made by a "Tajima T Yasue" in 2005, and it sold 13,000 copies before Shogakukan halted its publication. Tajima apologized to Shogakukan in 2007 and paid an undisclosed amount of money for settlement.[8]. See reference for scans of the ending.[9]

The second, more pessimistic ending suggests that Nobita Nobi is suffering from autism and that all the characters (including Doraemon) are simply his delusion. The idea that Nobita was a sick and dying little boy who imagined the entire series on his sickbed to help him ease his pain and depression no doubt angered quite a lot of fans. Many Japanese fans staged a protest outside the headquarters of the publisher of the series after learning about this suggestion. The publisher had to issue a public statement that this is not true. (This ending actually correlates to the ending for the series St. Elsewhere, which ended in 1988.)

The third ending suggests that Nobita fell and hit his head on a rock. He fell into a deep coma, and eventually into a semi-vegetative state. To raise money for an operation to save Nobita, Doraemon sold all the tools and devices in his four-dimensional pocket. However, the operation failed. Doraemon sold all his tools except for one used as a last resort. He used it to enable Nobita to go wherever he wanted, whichever time era he wished to go. In the end, the very place Nobita wanted to go was heaven.

The plausibility of these issues was discussed here and it was concluded that there is no ending to Doraemon. [10]

There are three official endings to Doraemon that were made. Doraemon was discontinued in two media because readers were advancing in grades and an ending was believed to be needed. These two are not reprinted.

In the March 1971 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei [11]: Due to the fact that visitors from the future were causing too much trouble, the government in the 22nd Century passed a bill to ban time-travelling altogether, meaning Doraemon would have to return to his time era. He leaves Nobita.

In the March 1972 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei: Doraemon, for some reason, had to go back to the future but fakes a mechanical problem so that Nobita would let him go. Nobita believes him and promises to wait until Doraemon gets well. Realizing that Nobita can handle his departure, Doraemon tells the truth and Nobita accepts. Doraemon returns to the future.

The third ending was actually meant to be the official ending due to low TV ratings and the Fujiko Fujio duo was busy with other works. But Doraemon did not leave their minds and restarted from next month's issue. In 1981, this episode was made into anime (called "Doraemon Comes Back"), and in 1998, this was released as an anime movie.

In the March 1973 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei, Nobita again returns home after losing a fight against Gian. Doraemon then explains that he has to return. Nobita tries to have Doraemon stay but after talking it over with his parents, he accepts Doraemon's departure. They take a last walk in the park. After they split up, Nobita encounters Jaian and gets into a fight again. After a long duel with Nobita trying to win at all costs so that Doraemon can leave without worries, Jaian lets Nobita win for not giving up. Doraemon finds Nobita passed out and takes him home. Sitting beside sleeping Nobita and after a moment of thought, Doraemon returns to the future. (It is also found at the last chapter of the manga Book 6).

The animated version is completely similar but lengthened. Nobita finds a box the shape of Doraemon in his drawer. The next day, which happens to be April Fool's day, Nobita is jeered at by Suneo and Jaian, the latter tricking him about Doraemon's return. He happily runs home and asked his mother whether Doraemon came back and finds out the truth. Nobita couldn't stand it and opens the box. Inside of it was a bottle of liquid. He hears Doraemon's voice explaining that the potion is called Uso 800 (Lies 800) it is used to make all untruths the drinker says true. Nobita uses it to play a few tricks on Jaian and Suneo, like first taking cover then say that the weather sure is good, which becomes a lie and it started to rain heavily before he said it is raining heavily and the rain stopped. Jian and Suneo was scared away after a few tricks and when Nobita mentioned what is happening. Nobita was very happy at first but quickly loses interest in the absence of Doraemon. As he walks home, due to his earlier questioning if Doraemon returned or not, his mother asked him if he could find Doraemon, he unwittingly said, in great disappointment, the truth about Doraemon never coming back, just like what Doraemon told Nobita before his departure. Since the potion was still in effect, when he arrives his room he finds Doraemon there, and they have a happy reunion, but due to the effects of the potion, all his greets and joyful words have to be spoken in the opposite way like I am so unhappy that we can never be together again.. The extended ending from the animated series was eventually adapted to the first story of Book 7 in the manga series, with a few changes (i.e. Instead of hearing Doraemon's voice explaining the use of the potion, he finds a card inside the box describing the use of the potion).

When the Fujiko Fujio duo broke up in 1987, the very idea of an official ending to the series was never discussed. Since Fujiko F. died in 1996 before any decisions were reached, any "endings" of Doraemon are fan fiction. However, it is apparent from many episodes and movies where Nobita travels to the future that in the end he does marry Shizuka, leads a happy life and separates with Doraemon, although Nobita and his friends fondly remember him.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The joy of pregnancy *for girls*

hmm ok let me tell u how to make babies

First, u hav to pick a guy n make a move. Ask him to lanja u a cup of teh tarik (fat free.. its a big issue for girls!!! pls understand guys!)

Den if ur rellationship become stronger mcm covalent bond arg giant covalent structure aka diamond (ooo nerd talk), u can start making babies.. How?? here's how its done But firat u hav to be kurus!! nda bulih lampuh!!

  1. First go buy some food at MS cafeteria yg harganya $2.50 atu with him
  2. Next choose a table yg ampir the pond with him
  3. Enjoy your meal
  4. After dat buang the guy kdalam kolam atu!!! n ktawakan
  5. Choose a small litte matured girl.. n ask her to push him
  6. Lapas atu U tulak lah kedua2nya kdalam kolam.. wahahah
  7. Den babies are made, congatulations ure pregnant (dis reminds me of bio project)

With love and care for izzy,

Lhorus710 xoxoxoxxxx (specel tu zee xxx ah)

PS:"ani mcm aku kan" (pointing to sarah's RBA punya pencil colour case ) wahahah

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reserved, I am sorry

Sigh I guess Sarah and I both have poklen genes. =O

Can you keep up? Baby boy make me lose my breath
Bring me noise make me lose my breath (8) (8)


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello, it has been a very long time. VERY LONG. I emphasize on VERY LONG. lol. It seems that i am bored of dates and facts that i don't seem to care that i am having my history test tomorrow and thus i am here with my very important job that i have always cherished of being one: a procrastinator. If it were my chemistry homework i'd be doing it right now and spend the whole day on finishing the homework cause i love my dearest teacher. The other day i was with izzy and we found him sitting alone waiting for someone to pick him up. He was reading a book or somesort. He was so adorable and i'm not being sarcastic. I'm serious. Once you look at it, you'd agree with me, seriously. Now you agree? When i saw him, it reminded me of those small kids.

Those small primary kids especially like that chinese kid of around 7 years old perhaps? There's this chinese kid who hangs around at the concourse everyday late in the afternoon reading books or doing anything that he can think of. When I saw Saxon there, it fully reminded me of that kid, sitting around innocently reading a book, instead probably he was reading something chemistrical.
There's this website and there's this completely out of topic forum. It mentioned about pickup lines (courtesy to the person who told me about this ;) you know who you are). I'll give you some of the pickup lines.

Are you a chicken farmer?"
- because you can really raise my cock.
"Are you the sun?"
- because your so hot.
"Are you wearing space pants?"
- because your ass is out of this world.
HAHAH ;) There's more though but nyeh, i'm so lazy to find the rest, so yeah.
Anyway, some people are borned to be innocent, some are just so powerful some instead are so well, you know, i don't know. Let the picture tell you what i mean =D

Let me introduce you to Ian -------------------->

Hi ian =D

One thing i think i should remind all of you is when you have lhorus around. Never underestimate of power of his hands. No no no.

I love spice girls. I'm obssessed about them. I find them hot and spicy. I don't know why. "Yo I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,So tell me what you want, what you really really want,I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna reallyreally really wanna zigzag ha." Don't you just love that? PLUS they are so hot.
I'm bored and i have nothing else to do as you can see. So, let's end it here. Till next time. Ciao.
p/s : i'm such a noob. aku baru tau ciao is spelt like that. all this while i thought its spelt as chao. haha, sakai aku ah.
aku bru abis mandi wah. NNNNNNNN dilah im aku to cek dis blog.. TADAAA the layout btukar! n now dilah marah.. Screw u guys yg byk ngomplen.. kalau mo buat BLOG sendiri!! wahaha ksian si dilah.. ngalih2 ia membagi awan sma menangkap jirapah...

anu before aku mliat bleach, rumahku msa ani kna cat uleh dua urg indons.. yes cat from white to friggin peach+orange.. not bad plg... atapku mseh sat merah tp baru.. n pagar just kna cat itam since mcm betagar basinya... so yg tingal is to RENOVATE my room.. batah bpaku ani eh.. krg wat if ku belayar?? nda ta pedah!!

Iatakan dis indon yg mencat pagar ani nda makai baju bah.. beisi n bpaluh2.. td ia arh tabukbah mencat mihir jua tu.. ia mendisplay dpn2 ku... eeeeeee *i bet si izzy suka ne* n yg indon seorang ani g cakap buduh.. nda ku tau napa bui...

Anubah.. rumahku ani ingat parking spaceka?? ah!! semua keritakan paking!!! iatah bmasalahkan if jiran mengadakan jamputan ani.. aku nda dtg sal aku ngalih kn tdo.. n ani aku lapar. I had bananas for breakfast n nada lunvh sal ada jemputan n aku nda ikut... jiranku ani btunang kli... i noe smak nada paking space.. kalau bulih cubatah suruh makai baska.. nda jua byk kerita kan menyamak dsimpangku ani. + kurang pollution n reduce the usage of oil * apa eh aku ah, ani topik si izzy jua ne bedebate*

so aku kan meliat bleach.. babai

mesti diliat ne ah sar ah, wahahah

Lhorus710 muah~ *tuk si izzy sja*

Ah, la.


Sudah ku tukar the layout.

Inda lagi menyusahkan ni.


Sama jua the blog is dead. Yeah sure whatever.


Sabri, I am mad. maybe just a lil bit. AHAH Sabri went to the toilet in the middle of chem lesson yesterday, ooo for the first time HAHA. And diam diam for no reason, when i asked him something, he just nodded/shook his head. tsk tsk tsk. Probably because he was worried about the interview ataupun control ayu dapan idol.

Speaking of, i did screw up my bas interview. Especially the part where they asked something about inefficiency. Sabri was right, they were being very very very vague. Oh well let us not care =D

On Friday, aku ke step centre wah kan. Rupanya, other than bokh, aku ke pinoy with other two students. Seorang atu kan matey balik balik becakap 'GP is easy'. Here I give you a convo between somebody and this kambang dude with inflated nose.

Kambang dude with inflated nose: I wanna be an english teacher

Somebody: But you dont take E.lit.

Kambang dude with inflated nose: It doesnt matter.

My dad is a Sastera teacher, My mother is a Malay teacher, my English is very good, hence I can translate Malay to English, vice versa, easily.

Antam tah kau wang eh.

And the other candidate is the shorter version of our very own Chemistry idol.

Strawberry fields forever,
ps: Anubah, I dedicate Highschool Stalker by Hello Saferide to this angau lady, Ema Aziela.

a very wierd day

this moning kan or shud i say yesterday since its 12:23 oredi, sarah tot i was PMS-ing sal aku silent brabis.. even aini asked me y am i very silent. N its the first time i went to toilet during chemistry lesson which have never ever happened in the history of my life before. AND i copied chem notes perfectly (xcpt the diagram)in pen! its like WOW sabri!! congratulation.. u surpassed ur IDOL's ability of copying it at a faster speed. Maybe i should keep silent from now on n become anti-social..

PE was fun because it was the last week of the game creations. this time the game is called dodgeball-catch the flag.. it was a very succesful game eventhough Najib made a huge mistake of not eliminating the KING!! i was chosen as the king for the third round n faiqa blocked my way n im eleminated!! seesh screw u faiqa!! this is wer i lost my "PMS" wahah

next math, nothing much happened. we just do claswork six on coordinate geometry n it was very easy!! comon its just drawing lines, find midpoint n gradient. Wat is so hard bout it?? Ahhh msa period ani zipku tstak!! iatah aku mengusai msa the claswork.. n si ema liat.. GATAL bini2nya Xp nada deh.. zip jua gnya..

Last period before the end of the day.. Bio.. markah ku tinggi!! wee! Dpt A bui!! weeee im proud of my self heheh.. the test was okay.. easier than the first one..

I hav to skip bio lesson in the afternoon for the BAS scholarship interview. It was more to question n answer session rather than interview. n u can ask them ques if ure not clear bout BAS scholar ship. When we were given the information sal BAS. I was blinded by the salary bah.. the highet salary is B$18,000!!! gila jua tu. I was blided my money. but Bas ia a very professional area kan.. n the interviewers sed dat im capable to do it as i experice part of the job kan mcm msa A-tam, monitor, student council n peer group helpers... so they advise me lah.. tp i told them dat bio-chemist is still my first priority.. hmmmm n dey undestand it is also important jua for medicine.

PS: yea, today is not a very good day
PPS: I cant sleep
PPPS: bad news is everywhere
PPPPS: sabar sja paiyam
PPPPPS: congrats mal kmu manag netball lg
PPPPPPS: Dr elizabeth chong, bila ko nipun??


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008


From dis pic udah kmu tau its bio practical! so mercury thermometer nda semestinya chem pract. n dis mercury thermometer yg biasa sja not the special one mcm arh chem smpi idol tani *winks* pun nda tau how to use it Xp wahah ah dill ah.. bimbooooo.. The red onion aka bawang bombay (wat tcr told us)is soaked in liquid detergent+table salt n d purpose is ntah. (its on of the ques)

Hav to makesure the temperature remain constant at 60oC (ani bukan microsoft word kan dapat jadikan superscript XP) for 15 mins..

The result of the pract.. eye therapy. hmmm i tend to get emotional during bio pract wahah apakan setaie jua eh anak ani eh. buang tia kali eh.. It is stated clearly dat arh safety information... You should wear eye protection throughout this practical but the teacher didnt provide us one... so sadihlah semua.. tp the tcr enjoyed it berabith... oyea tips for cuuting bawang from tcr.. if mata kmu padih after mengarat bawang, u can nuetralise it by chopping GARLIC!! i dono if it works or not. dat wat the tcr told us..

And at the end of the pract, kmi liat DNA!! after membuat the onion shake hehehe.. slurpp (why slurp?? tuk mee jua kli ah..)

Owhhhh.. izzy's n ehsan's writing.. so cute.. KAWAIII (embah mana sjatah.. laptopku jd mangsa drg makai menulis.. mantang touchscreen.. mempromo plg tu WAHAHAHH XP)

nite nite
sarah-nda jua payah bitchyyyyy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Funny funny funny

Before I start blogging, I would like to wish happy 17th Bday to Christina Nance Yong Siew Li n she loves to dance! wahaha n April Fool's wahahah

ok today kn si aini nda skulah wah, iatah siuk! berabis! n nada urg miss ia! wahahah nada deh.. sory yen..

td msa chem kami gila bah. bench ku ani tuk urg kewl gnya kan. membernya si dilah, aku n sarah featuring aini. Iatah kmi belajar bout Acid and Bases td n we hav to copy the notes from her transparency. Since me n sarah were not dat confident in writing at a faster speed, so we use pencil. Meanwhile, si dilah was super confident dat she can copy the notes without having the siput face. n yes! she did copied all NEATLY unlike me and sarah wahah. so wats the secret dil? ko jadi protege idol tani ka? wahah

since kami makai pencilkan, mestilah notes ku n sarah punya atu bida! sudahtah bida kmi doodling lg. Si sarah mihir ah, ia lukis the male sex organ! arh notes ku! so aku lukis boobs lah arh sarah punya notes sal her diagram of HCL mcm boobs! wahah

Today si dilah invent a new nowd. RESERVABLE! yes! reservable so para ahli kamus bahasa ingerris, pls update your dictionary wahah

den msa ptg we hav chem kls jua kan, n dis time kami belajar d lab sal si "very kind"(only to be used on saturday only!)nada bah. n mcm biasa me, sarah n dilah begila g. lets skip to the best part. si sarahkan, ia anu bah, suka si KWANG! yes KWANG so KWANG, if u read dis. aga contact sarah! wahaha yea dil! wooho

n msa ms mary explain things kn. aku garu my nose n ms mary mcm liat arhku sja. den aku bru sadar yg aku garu my nose makai the middle finger hahah. batah g tu. so its like aku give finger rahnya lah wahahah sorry ms mary

den kmi hangout di kantin with izzy n najmi.. kmi nampak urg hadrah jamur their hadrahs bah. so sumone ckp knapa drg jamur. n izzy ckp sal ia bebau, drg mengampas the hadrah atu n tgn drg berpaluh WAHAHAHAH confident g tu! wahah

n let me post the convo between me and izzy sal jokes baruku hehe

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
kenapa urg jamur hadrah?? pfft

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
pasal drg kan katatkan that thing lah. durrrr

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
salah, sal ia bebau!

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahaha pasal apa ia bebau?

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
umm sal ahh.. payah jua soalannya ani ah. vague bh

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahhaa psl tgn urg hadrah atu bepaluh lah durrrr

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahaha LOWA!

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
ok ok saya ada next soalan

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
wat happen if si ehsan kiss kau??

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
tulak ke kulam

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
cium balik?

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
thirst mu ilang sal ko minum "san"kist =.="

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
aka sunkist

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
ndaku pndi ngeja

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
aku ada another soalan

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
bah shoot

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
which part si ehsan yg membai kesian???

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
jwpnmu slh

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
apa then?

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
pusatnya sal pusat ehsan!!!! wahahah

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahahahaha apakaannn kau ahhhh

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
ah i hav another 1

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
byk2 urg, urg mana paling pemes dan diminati??

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahaha manithhhh

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
haha psl kau ada jokes mu ani

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
a(cencored)!! coz everyone voted for him.. AF geddit?? *cricket2*

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

Lhorus710-durian juice with cinammon =.=" a model life with petra namkova says:
sarcastically kah zee??

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
hahaha inda! cali banar!

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
HAHAHAHAH aku sukaaaa!

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
basar suaraku ketawa tarus!

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:
gila atu cali! alekyo!

izzy; paddle pop, laissez faire (: says:

mudahan kita bersua di lain hari nanti
sekian kalinya,