Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ah, la.


Sudah ku tukar the layout.

Inda lagi menyusahkan ni.


Sama jua the blog is dead. Yeah sure whatever.


Sabri, I am mad. maybe just a lil bit. AHAH Sabri went to the toilet in the middle of chem lesson yesterday, ooo for the first time HAHA. And diam diam for no reason, when i asked him something, he just nodded/shook his head. tsk tsk tsk. Probably because he was worried about the interview ataupun control ayu dapan idol.

Speaking of, i did screw up my bas interview. Especially the part where they asked something about inefficiency. Sabri was right, they were being very very very vague. Oh well let us not care =D

On Friday, aku ke step centre wah kan. Rupanya, other than bokh, aku ke pinoy with other two students. Seorang atu kan matey balik balik becakap 'GP is easy'. Here I give you a convo between somebody and this kambang dude with inflated nose.

Kambang dude with inflated nose: I wanna be an english teacher

Somebody: But you dont take E.lit.

Kambang dude with inflated nose: It doesnt matter.

My dad is a Sastera teacher, My mother is a Malay teacher, my English is very good, hence I can translate Malay to English, vice versa, easily.

Antam tah kau wang eh.

And the other candidate is the shorter version of our very own Chemistry idol.

Strawberry fields forever,
ps: Anubah, I dedicate Highschool Stalker by Hello Saferide to this angau lady, Ema Aziela.

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