Sunday, April 20, 2008

a very wierd day

this moning kan or shud i say yesterday since its 12:23 oredi, sarah tot i was PMS-ing sal aku silent brabis.. even aini asked me y am i very silent. N its the first time i went to toilet during chemistry lesson which have never ever happened in the history of my life before. AND i copied chem notes perfectly (xcpt the diagram)in pen! its like WOW sabri!! congratulation.. u surpassed ur IDOL's ability of copying it at a faster speed. Maybe i should keep silent from now on n become anti-social..

PE was fun because it was the last week of the game creations. this time the game is called dodgeball-catch the flag.. it was a very succesful game eventhough Najib made a huge mistake of not eliminating the KING!! i was chosen as the king for the third round n faiqa blocked my way n im eleminated!! seesh screw u faiqa!! this is wer i lost my "PMS" wahah

next math, nothing much happened. we just do claswork six on coordinate geometry n it was very easy!! comon its just drawing lines, find midpoint n gradient. Wat is so hard bout it?? Ahhh msa period ani zipku tstak!! iatah aku mengusai msa the claswork.. n si ema liat.. GATAL bini2nya Xp nada deh.. zip jua gnya..

Last period before the end of the day.. Bio.. markah ku tinggi!! wee! Dpt A bui!! weeee im proud of my self heheh.. the test was okay.. easier than the first one..

I hav to skip bio lesson in the afternoon for the BAS scholarship interview. It was more to question n answer session rather than interview. n u can ask them ques if ure not clear bout BAS scholar ship. When we were given the information sal BAS. I was blinded by the salary bah.. the highet salary is B$18,000!!! gila jua tu. I was blided my money. but Bas ia a very professional area kan.. n the interviewers sed dat im capable to do it as i experice part of the job kan mcm msa A-tam, monitor, student council n peer group helpers... so they advise me lah.. tp i told them dat bio-chemist is still my first priority.. hmmmm n dey undestand it is also important jua for medicine.

PS: yea, today is not a very good day
PPS: I cant sleep
PPPS: bad news is everywhere
PPPPS: sabar sja paiyam
PPPPPS: congrats mal kmu manag netball lg
PPPPPPS: Dr elizabeth chong, bila ko nipun??


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