Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The joy of pregnancy *for girls*

hmm ok let me tell u how to make babies

First, u hav to pick a guy n make a move. Ask him to lanja u a cup of teh tarik (fat free.. its a big issue for girls!!! pls understand guys!)

Den if ur rellationship become stronger mcm covalent bond arg giant covalent structure aka diamond (ooo nerd talk), u can start making babies.. How?? here's how its done But firat u hav to be kurus!! nda bulih lampuh!!

  1. First go buy some food at MS cafeteria yg harganya $2.50 atu with him
  2. Next choose a table yg ampir the pond with him
  3. Enjoy your meal
  4. After dat buang the guy kdalam kolam atu!!! n ktawakan
  5. Choose a small litte matured girl.. n ask her to push him
  6. Lapas atu U tulak lah kedua2nya kdalam kolam.. wahahah
  7. Den babies are made, congatulations ure pregnant (dis reminds me of bio project)

With love and care for izzy,

Lhorus710 xoxoxoxxxx (specel tu zee xxx ah)

PS:"ani mcm aku kan" (pointing to sarah's RBA punya pencil colour case ) wahahah

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