Sunday, April 13, 2008


From dis pic udah kmu tau its bio practical! so mercury thermometer nda semestinya chem pract. n dis mercury thermometer yg biasa sja not the special one mcm arh chem smpi idol tani *winks* pun nda tau how to use it Xp wahah ah dill ah.. bimbooooo.. The red onion aka bawang bombay (wat tcr told us)is soaked in liquid detergent+table salt n d purpose is ntah. (its on of the ques)

Hav to makesure the temperature remain constant at 60oC (ani bukan microsoft word kan dapat jadikan superscript XP) for 15 mins..

The result of the pract.. eye therapy. hmmm i tend to get emotional during bio pract wahah apakan setaie jua eh anak ani eh. buang tia kali eh.. It is stated clearly dat arh safety information... You should wear eye protection throughout this practical but the teacher didnt provide us one... so sadihlah semua.. tp the tcr enjoyed it berabith... oyea tips for cuuting bawang from tcr.. if mata kmu padih after mengarat bawang, u can nuetralise it by chopping GARLIC!! i dono if it works or not. dat wat the tcr told us..

And at the end of the pract, kmi liat DNA!! after membuat the onion shake hehehe.. slurpp (why slurp?? tuk mee jua kli ah..)

Owhhhh.. izzy's n ehsan's writing.. so cute.. KAWAIII (embah mana sjatah.. laptopku jd mangsa drg makai menulis.. mantang touchscreen.. mempromo plg tu WAHAHAHH XP)

nite nite
sarah-nda jua payah bitchyyyyy

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