Wednesday, April 29, 2009


omg, the evil teacher decided that our mock for C2 will be this thursday!! wow!! thank you very much.. bagus!! Right after chemistry mock.. MANIS!! and Biology on the 13th of May.. still have time to revise ma~ haha

Wina wants me to upload more beach photos.. Sorry wina~ Beupload udah arh facebook and currently im very lazy to upload the photos here.. Hehe The beacj in Wales is tottaly different from Brunei! After long months of coldness, aku banar2 appreciate the hot radiating sun. Well the sun sini inda pulang sepanas mcm dBrunei. Nyaman saja rasanya. Perfect. Not too hot. And the Beach pun awesome. Clean and aku suka the sand hehe.. Deprived of beach =.="

It's really funny that currently im so into physics. Today Mr Physics showed us the spectrameter and teach us how to use it. That instrument is used to measure the angle for the maxima so that tani bulih calculate the wavelength. Yeap2. And he also teached us about stationary wave and ia pasang speaker. Den ia suruh kami jalan and suruh dgr the node and antinode.. You can hear the point where the sound jadi basar and damit. Banar2 ada!! Ia pun actually baru experimenting. Aku suka wave pasal wave sanang dari mechanics (Y) plus the topic siuk!!

For Biology, we have microbiology practical tuk membezakan gram negative and gram positive bacteria. That practical was mcm interesting and we are going to do more about it next year!! wo hoo.. cant wait for A2 silabus because im sick of Human Biology!! Aku mau Biology!! Microbiology is soooooo biochemistry haha Xp

Dislike the current weather because the rain is too cold

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