Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exam schelude for this term.. and more to come

30th April - Chemistry Mock (chains and rings)
7th May - Chemistry Mock (How far, How fast)
11th May - Statistic Mock
12th April - Chemistry Mock (Module 2)
20th May - As Mathematics Core 1
21st May - As Physics Module 1 (Mechanics)
- As Physics Module 2 (Electrons, Waves and Photons)
22nd May - As Mathematics Core 2

----------HALF TERM------------

1st June - As Biology (Module 2)
3rd June - As Chemistry (Module 2)
15th June - As Statistics

Fark!!, atu inda banyak?!
Balum lg masuk Biology Mock. Maths Core 1 and Core 2 Mock, Physics Module 1 and 2 Mock!!!!

Now I agree with CCK yang wave is easier than mechanics!!!!

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