Friday, February 13, 2009

Just pictures

The pictures below are ummm stolen from facebook. Why? Saja kan dpost.

Us when hiking last week. Kami hiking arh boarder of england and wales. So kinda balik2 melintas the boarder. Hey im in Wales. Hey im in England =.=" umm this was at the top of the cliff i tink. Shenna at the back was at the edge of the cliff. I was there before taking this pic. I was throwing snowball to the base of the cliff. if i was stupid enought, terajun ku tu. The wind was stong jua and aku suka. And Snowing jua masa atu heavily tp inda nampak in this photo.

Sampat lagi main snowball fight atas bukit. 

the cave

Me and shenna. Notice dat kakiku looks weird. Mcm floating. donno why. I'm still tall eventho she's wearing heels.


Des and me during valentines ball in the PHC

Melvin's been practicing this piano piece n i quite like (and envied) it
Esuk February the 13th!!! Expecting major bad luck.
Esuk makai baju bebas (red), so oswestrians will be in red masa sampai bhall
Esuk exam As practical bioligy and physics

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