Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday the 13th and the day after

Yesterday was uber sad. Eventho it was the last day of the school, but i didnt realy enjoy it. The best thing was no homework!!! yeeha I had my physics As practical yesterday and it sucks!! I wasted an hour on connecting the stupid circuits. Actually aku udah connect but then i just realised that my switch is not working!! Called sir and use alternative method, makai the power supply punya switch saja. After that my bulb tebakar! Arghhhhhh I called sir again and he said, hmm it seems the bulb is not reliable (suara tinggi) haha. Mudiankan ia bagi new bulb and i have to redo all over again!!! Pasal the resistance of the new bulb changes!! arghh wateverlah. Ada 7 cara arrange the bulb tapi aku dapat arrange 6 ganya. And soalan yang calculating manualyku mcm jauh2 compared to the measured resistance! Nda apa, ada 6 more trial. Unlike d brunei.. THANK GOD!

Then in the afternoon Bio As Analysis. Umm mudahan tah full mark. Detail udah ku buat atu.
No more biology practical i hope. Ngalih wah. Total semua 5 days.

Yesterdaykan, dlm train on the way to london, aku paning. Dijah pun paning. The rain sucks. This time kami nda makai wrexham&shropshire punya. Begagar wah trainnya. You can feel the motion. So theory kami maybe pasal the massnya decrease. According To F =MA kan.. Since accelerationnya remain constant and mass decreases, the force required to move the train kurang sospeednya increase laju-er. Hahahah physics shyt..

Upon reaching brunei hall, dalam bruei hall as usual PANAZ (yeah). N jumpa kawan2. Man, i sure miss kawan semua. Grea. Dapat jumpa sherwin, cody, cck, yee fah, amal, pipah, fred, naveen, zati, ani, aini, teeq, aklimah, nasreen, dilah etc etc. Gila This holiday mesti awesome ne. At least nda jua ku marung2 according to the not-dat-awesome gurl yang bernama nadhirah. Hohoho

Bokh's first word when he saw me...
"eh sabri kah tu?" angkat tangan.. den aku reply lah nygku awu.. 
Then "makin kurus jua ko" =.=" not exactly what i want to hear com im not that kurus

Last night or should i say early morning tadi, they played truth or dare. And they dared zati to wink at the brunei hall's receptionist. Hahahah man that was awkward. Then it was yeefah's turn to ask the receptionist if he knows yeefah's name. Mudian if ia nda tau, yeefah should mention his name mudian walk away tarus. HAHAHAHHA atu lagi awkward. The rest, not so great lah.

I do really need a break from this not so comfortable feeling. I do have my own problem and let me deal with it. Eventho i look happy but deep inside im not. There a small tiny space sumwhere in one of my heart chambers where all the pain resides.

Do realy need a break

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