Thursday, February 12, 2009

I was soooo freakin mad

First of all i would like to apologize to the one yang yang aku nda berapa melayan tadi or being marung(only applied to the oswestrians.. yang lain jangan setaie) I'm terribly sorry because I have my own problem to deal with. Jangantah ingau, It wouldnt help me jua if aku gto. ok??

Don't you think physics is fun? Eventho i realy don't like it but i do enjoy learning it. The hard question(questin) realy crack my brain into half. Well somehow today is weird because I can answer the ao payah-kan-mati punya question. Hmm bagiku lah. Urang yang pandai aga makan karipap saja sambil garu2 punggung. Masa ne kami belajar Kirchhoff's Second Law.

Ok do you want to crack ur brain?? Here're some of the questions(questins):

1. The 4 V cell in the circuits shown below has zero internal resistance.
    An accurately calibrated voltmeter connected across YZ records 1.5 V. Calculate
   (a) the resistance of the volmeter,
   (b) The voltmeter reading when it is connected across YZ.(replace the resistor to 600 ohm                and 400 ohm)

What do your results suggest concerning the use of voltmeters?

Find the current I in the circuit shown.

The circuit below, The batteries have negligible internal resistance and the voltmeter V has a very high resistance. What wold be the reading of the voltmeter?

Yea, that should be enough. Actually ada 7 soalan. nanti ku gto jawapannya. Sapa tejawab ia awesome and will dapat A1 for Physics A level.. Amin (Doakan jua aku)

During PSHE today ada grades! Aku dapat:

Core Math - A1
Statistics - A1
Biology - A1
Chemistry - A1
Physics - B2 (HAISH!!)

Well physics as expected!! I don't like you!! Yang lain alhamdulilah maintain..

Playing badminton with mr Arnott was fun. Ada adrenalin rush.

Is it just me, or my wrist is getting smaller???
have to practise my guitar skill...

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