Saturday, January 10, 2009


At last my As Module exam abis. Alhamdulilah. Aku ada dua module exam saja. WJEC biology and OCR chemistry. Biology ok lah. Tejawab jua ku semua. Essaynya pun sananglah. Aku jawab pasal water. Soalannya mengapa water atu mcm bisai untuk plants and animals. 10 markah. Alhamdulilah jualah. Nda jua payah. Tapi takutku kan cakap sanang haha. Mudahan dapat 100% Amin. Nya seniorku arh exam result nanti ada kana bagitau markah kamu. Wot?! Seriously?? DBrunei manada tu.

Then tadi i have my OCR chemistry kan. Kami kirakan the first batch yang sit for the new module punya paper. So formatnya lain sikitlah. Tcr bagi kami banyak practise buat past year paper yang the old module punya as in senior2ku punya sylabus. Alangkan sanangnya chemistry. Tapi ntadi ntah. Kan matui bah. Payah, sorang2 nada confident ani bah. Talur2 soalannya. Awal2 ok pulang. Soalan pertama define isotope. Ok tejawab.

Soalan kedua kenapa isotope have same chemical properties. Ok tejawab pasal they have the same no of electron. Soalan ketiga define relative isotopic mass. Ok tejawab. Next page ESSAY!! WTH awal2 bah essaynya ah.. shigit. Essaynya pasal graphite, bonding n structure. Hmm mudian macam2 soalannya. N ada dis question yang jarang or nda pernah keluar langsung. Mcm what is salt? =.=" n ada pasal chlorine jua as in macam the effect n why chlorine kana pakai. Jarang keluar tu nyamu. Essaynya dua buting! selalunya jawab sebuting. Pfft manasajatah, mudahan saja dapat A. Payah ne kan dapat A* sigh

Ok2 think positive. Monday ani ada physics mock exam on Forces. AAAAAAAAAAA resolving, triangle forces, moment, braking distance, deformation of solids, dynamics, energy etc etc.. mudian nanti ada mock fore core 1 n stats jua. eee baik adang!! nya si des, everything's going crazily fast! I agree with u des!!

Ohh speaking bout des. Zul i showed her our picture. The one yang kau overlap. Gambar aku sama adrian masa GP class n tani tiga masa farewell dinner. N ia cakap kau chinese =.=" No des, he's malay. Even si Nad pun emo cakap his malay. Huahuahua napa banyak urg pikir si zul chinese atukan?? Yang calinya bapanya pikir aku chinese.. LAGITIA OUT. Mudian ku gto des, kalau cina sepet tia matanya. Kalinya ia point at my picture =.=" eee mataku a bit sepet pasal pernah bejait!! Bukan natural! seesh GAUK!!

N si shenna toldme about this website hahah tq shenna. I had a good laugh. Talor punya website. Its like a dictionary n if kamu taip nama kamu ada ia punya meaning. So i tried few names n ani come out. Aku nda include semua. Banyak kali ah. Tapi some names ada satu definition saja. namaku nada.. sad.


The Man. lives in an indian palace and runs people over with his sequoia. Zul cannot be trusted for he is a big indian who will strike without warning. fear the zul.
watch out, zul coming to whoop you. 


  • A slang word for marijuana, originating from the person with the same name 

  • a big black guy who loves beer and will kick anyones ass who tries and take it from him.
           "Yo bitch thats my beer.... DAMN" 


1. To lose one's erection in response to seeing another man masturbating; hence, ending the wild jungle dance.

2. To become flaccid while getting dick wet.

3. Failure to maintain a boner during sex; specifically because of mental, audio or visual disturbances.
I caused a total Izzy last night. I was jacking off while Israel poned Jen and he lost his night horse. Sorry about that, but at least I got off.

Dude, don't drink too much, or you might izzy. 



a sexy little creauture!
that sarah is a babee! 

(HAHAHA, daym rite.. xcept the sexy part)


Of legal age virgin obsessed with fast food and various ways to masterbate. Will choose food over sex all the time. Masturbates frequently.
"Girls are gross! I'm staying home and know? It's gonna be an Adrian day!" 

(HMMM, hahaha mati cali2. Ia g suka makan)


arabic def:perfection, excellence
great friend, awesome dude, funny, kind, generous, wanabe gangster! lol
that was ehsan! lol 



The kind of guy that will set your entire house on fire if he gets bored.
I wanted to get out of her house because Ian was over there. 

(BWOH!! bulih lurus ne haha)


an arabic name meaning hope. Also the name of the very gorgeous Queen of the World who, legend has it, has the power to send people who annoy her to the dungeons.However, people usually adore and worship her and consider her a great friend and cannot live without her!
Amal, Queen of the World is here! Everyone bow down! 



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