Sunday, January 11, 2009

don't even bother

Ahhhhhhhhhhh~ (relaxing all his joints and tendons) finally its weekend. Here in UK, weekend is like a BIG thing ya know. It's the best part of the week n unlike in Brunei, we do experience monday blues. Sigh. Oh well, that is life. Whatever

Yesterday we have an outing organised by my house, Holbache house with Mrs Morris as the head (and the driver hehe) The house is taken over by Mrs Payne (an english teacher who teaches German... weird). We went to Wrexham (which is apparently in Wales!! yay we have been to wales. Been there twice! Once when we volunteered to help with the Bosnia tingy) Oh did i mention that the people who joined thid trip are all Bruneians? haha antah knapakah ia. Kami gnya yang mau ikut.

Actually, it was supposed to be a cinema trip. But then the others decided to go shopping. So tinggal aku n Shenna (Again!) liat cinema. We watched Role Models. Dang! it was funny Hahaha ksian the kind kana spoiled because he had to learn bad languages. And and liat nude ladies. YES! NUDE! first time experience in a cinema! It was awkward~ haha kan Shenna hehe If d Brunei kana cut tu.

The movie finished early and so we decided to stroll around the shops nearby. First we went to Curry. Dsini aku meliat2 DSLR pasal aku mau bali. Duh.. Aku bali masa February lah, insyaallah. Kumpul dulu duit. Masa ani dapat pulang ku membali tapi aku kan selesaikan  school billku dulu pasal school billku 500+ pounds!! sob sob

After Curry, we went to this pet shop and we were amused with the stuff they sell! awesome, d Brunei manada tu. Example pole for cats, prank stuff for cats etc etc. Lawa2 lah haha

Owh i have OCR Physics shit mock exam tomorrow. Balum revise. First period g tu!

Aja aja fighting!
etc etc =.="


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