Thursday, January 29, 2009

i envied you guys

woke up at 7 am today n went straight to the disable toilet kan mandi. Finished at 7.17 and cek my cell phone and ada msg. My brunei phone to be exact. Ada two messages. Ku buka and disappointed ku pasal membayar annual fee!!! And then marah2 ku buka another msg. N d person sed ia dapat 2 A's for As. Alhamdulilah. Work harder lagi because to get an A in Biology is not easy. The probability is very very LOW.

This person told me there're only 3 people in MS dapat A for biology. Sigh.. Nada from my class. Nda apa, work harder ok. Tp first sit is the most important sal nya Mr Lambkin, university masa ani liat result first sit tuk sanang memilih candidates for the Uni. Hmm

I still have lots of modules paper to go.

Biology - module 2 and practical (which takes around 4 days!)

Chemistry - module 2, Quantitative and Evaluative

Physics - module 1, module 2, qualitative, quantitative and evaluative

Math - Core 1, Core 2 and statistics

So i still hav 13 papers to go!!!

My OCR As module 1 will be out on the 12th of March (Bday si Memoo)
WJEC antah


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