Friday, January 30, 2009

The day has come

Yeap, its the 29th of January and she will be leaving us soon. By she i mean our housematron. I personally thinks she's cool because umm ntah. She different compared to others. In a good way i mean. Sesuai untuk lelaki. Not dat girly, and not dat guy-ish jua. =)

Gudbye miss.. Gud luck with your new job.

Well today as usual aku ada test.. sigh test3... On Digestion.. sounds easy. ceh~

ummm let see if i can remember sumtin

diverticula - name of the pouch in the small intestine

diverticulosis - the condition of having the pouch

diverticulitis - when the poch is inflamed

=.=" paning ku eh haha

I'll be refluxing n distilating ketones and aldehydes later during chemistry.. At least nda belajar huhu

I skipped dancing lesson yesterday hahah Xp sorry Mrs P

Should i rent suit for the valentines ball???

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