Saturday, January 31, 2009


YEAP!! CHEMISTRY WAS BLODDY!! Shenna is not a nice wo-man. She's a witch incased in a chinese figure. She looked nice but in fact she dont. Her aim is to collect all my DNA to start stem cell research and clone me. She wanted to make an army of sir-bre after she realize my capability of annoying her. I noe im awesome but please dont do it. U can clone si Basar if u want. Wouldn't it be more fun if there's a lot of him?? HAHAHA


There you go. She scraped all my epithelial cells. Apatah yang protect my inner structures? Ngalih my T-lymphocytes, phagocytes etc etc kan protect aku bah tu. And paling kesian jua my erythrocytes!! Kurang tia my blood count!! N ngalihtia jua my epitheliat cells kan bemitosis. Paksa undergo G1 phase, S phase and G2 phase lapas atu cell dision (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase) followed by cytokinesis. Sigh..

Even my finger pun terkorban..

Hey guys, i havent shown dis to u yet kan? I joined chemistry/metal modelling club. So last monday aku iski so aku buat two metal figures. Aku suka melting the metal part. Sal awesome lah! duhhh..

Kamu tau, physicist ada buku physics bible haha..
Napa namaku saja kan jadi mangsa??? esp masa physics and guitar lesson..

Mr Hawkins "thanks for pointing that out sir-bre. We'll see when we do the experiment on nichrome wire" - dapan class =.="

Mr Arran "Sabri played very well" =.="



Back from shrewsbury, shropshire and i spent around umm 75 pounds?? sigh.. sedih jua idupku ani eh. Tinggal berapakah duitku. Esuk ani banar ada hiking kah? Kan merusakkan boots huhuhu Lets play "mari menjunyak boots"! weee~

I hav made my mind that i will not go back this easter. Yeap its confirmed. Nda ku jadi balik. My intention of kan balik all goes down the drain. So, i'll be living my live in the polluted city of london or might go to aberdeen again. Still cant decide. Going to paris g?? hmm

Its just too much n i cant think rationally. Been very busy but somehow i hav the time to relax. Thanks to my super organised red file. Unlike some oswestrians... yang filenya mcm2 tapi nda besusun n kadang2 hwnya payah kan dcari. huhuhu sapa terasa~~~

Man i hav biology practical coming up. 4 hari g tu. Practical dbrunei sehari jua ganya. Apakan practicalnya ani.. menumbuhkan akar kah untuk liat cell division? oor osmosis? enzyme? imobilised enzyme? sigh antam sja eh.

Gila, this is too much.. STOP

Things are going crazily fast...
Didnt get the chance to see sarah tadi

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