Sunday, February 1, 2009


quite chilly today. And cloudy + winder. I wonder if its goin to rain of snow because the weather forecast said it might snow. But i don believe if the weather forecast said it might snow cos it never snowed! Ujan ada pulang. I'm going to play badminton with Shenna Hawkins Xp at 20 past nine later. Membakar lamak supaya muat baju for valentines ball hehe.

My weight is acting up again. nda constant this past few days. Tadi turun. I tink i better collect the data n draw a line graph kali ah untuk meliat the change in weight with time. As time progresses my weight naik or turun or constant. Manatau jadi positive correlation kah, negative correlation kah or no coreelation at all. huhuhu statistics~

At two later mr Morris is going to bring us the bruneias for a hike. Not ordinary hike i suppose because here we have to use boots. Unlike in brunei makai trainers pun bulih. Membakar lamak ne banar. The purpose of this hike is to soften our boots (hahah supaya less blister msa DofE expedition) and membakar lamak! No other reason. Sajuk g ne. I hope the terrain nda challenging.

Watched underworld movie last nite and siuk!! I want to watch the whole underworld movie. Membrigali pulang ceritanya. Kan muntah gnya inda. Tapi siuk. If siuk maknanya siuk lah!! Duhh

Oh... yesterday i read borneo bulletin online kan and ada dis article cakap a woman nampak fly eggs in chili sauce EWWWWWWWWWW mihir.. ergh, ada gambar g tu. bri gali eh. And ada g another article cakap rat droppings found arh dim sum near the capital.. EWWWWWWWWWWW mihir jua eh. And ada gmbar jua. Erghh.

Cant wait for physics lesson tomorrow =)

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