Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My life is like an exam week

I wonder when will the exam/test tingie will stop. Lapas satu abis, ada tia lagi baru datang. Sigh ngalihku. That is why im looking forward to half term or end of term. Pasal dapat jua ku berehat. Ngalih ma~ kan belajar2 saja. That day kan when i did the statistic test, it was ok i guess. Payah jualah pasalkan umm talurbah if soalan geometric progression + binomial sama2 in one question. 

Then the day after the test, bio test on digestion tia lagi! Lapas bio apakah lagi, chemistry kali or physics. Pasal organic chemistry kan abis and practical circuits. Nda apa, at least bukan forces.

Anyways speaking of biology, we dissected a pig's lungs. Gila basar lungnya ah. kalah human. Warna mcm orangy pink lagi tu. We (me and zaw) only watched. We don't dare to touch eventhough ada gloves. Takut karang darahnya terperancit.

So should i go to paris or not?

Have his guitar lesson later
And i hope my parcel arrive =)
Not really happy =(

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