Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day before today

It snowed yesterday, for a while :( the snow stopped during chem lesson and the sun came out. Melting all the snow. I love chemistry because yesterday we did an experiment to extract lemonene by refluxing. Yes refluxing! We peel an orange and blend the orange using a blender of course and reflux it. And the best thing is we ate the orange! Xp

I have C1 mock exam today. C1 is core 1 mathematics, no calculator allowed. I hope my arithmetic is okay. Mudahan tah dapat 100 haha.

Owh since si zaw desperate kan minta post, fyi aku pun HAHA.. balik2 kali ah d check mail box. Buring.. So here is my address:

Holbache House,
Oswestry School,
Upper Brook Street,
Shropshire, SY11 2TL
United Kingdom

I hate russians..
Tired of being all alone and this solitary moment makes me want to come back home~

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