Wednesday, January 21, 2009

crazy people a~

Today is wednesday n during PSHE karang we have stamford card test. Booooring~ It's kind of useless to us because we already know what course to choose and muktamad udah. Of course we can change it tp mesti before applying to uni. Tp aku andang mau udah jadi biochemist therefore useless haha.

I turned crazy recently because of someting. Due to my crazyness i inevented names for the oswestrians. The names are:

  • Kushen (Shenna, hahah macam cushion)
  • Kudes (Desiree, pronunciation Kudis)
  • Kudin (Didin)
  • Kudij (Dijah)
  • Kunis (Nisah)
  • Kuliah (Akmaliah, since si amalina udah kumal. hahah lecture)
  • Kuwei (Melvin, pronunciation kuih with silent H)
  • Kulyn (Melanie)
  • Kupah (Syarifah)
  • Kuping (Lena)
  • Kuwow (Zaw)
  • Kurah (Nad)
And because of my awesomeness, des, didin n zaw called me kumoh =.="

And also recently i noe physics! Hahah like wow, tejawab ani bah.

I wonder if my guitar lesson start today.

And i hav bio presentation due friday on coeliac (pronunciation, see-liac) disease. Gila if d Brunei manasaja. Takutku eh =S

Positive gila haha

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