Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guess who's Bday is it todaaaaaaaay~

Yeap, it's MR FATTY

Happy 18th Bday Fatty.. Wish u a very FAT life in the future or vice versa hahaha

I noe ure life sucks for the 2nd time.. Two years in a row!! gila jua tu. Twice bah! since last year. Msa Qualifying exam AND WORST subject BIO g tu..

Don't worry mr FATTY, i noe u did a good job answering the easy peazy bio question kan.. pffft wat is so hard about bio? Paper 1 tah paling sanang. Its just a matter of shading. Paper 2 is just a matter of writing and Paper 3 is a matter of observation!

so in conclusion

shading + writing + observation = Distinction (A)

As long as u have these three, definitely kau dapat score an A. Too bad aku nda dpt do QE due to scholarship. If aku join bah, tekamih2 semua bio students tu HAHAHA

Here is a fact:

Todays talk is the best! Esp from Tcr Faizah sal cali. Nda kamu agree?? Talk lain membari ZZzzZ Sakit saja jubur duduk

AND SURPRISINGLY the ceramah agama wasnt dat bad. Cali ada plg haha

Ian is an ATHEIS     Xp

Happy 18th Bday Zul

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