Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A not so bright day

hehstart the day with scooping some stool.. Shiet man.. Dat was disgusting!! imagin urself.. scooping ur own poop, n taruh in a bottle. Hmm no, i wont give much details here.. As fiqah would say.. TOO MUCH GRAPHIC hehehe _|_

come to school at 10:30 ish today.. saja kan ngacau bio class incase they need help.. At first i was reluctant to enter the room, but den somehow aku masuk jua. Buka pinta damit2 den heloooo bio freaks! Hahah drg discuss buat past year with teacher jalan2 liat drg.. and answer sheet arh laptop tcr..

Went out sekajap to search 4 dis puny short little girl kan tukar the awesome keychain with another one.. from surf board to a dolphin.

Den went back to the bio lab via the staffroom. Met with sir Zai and he called me.. Gave me some cookies. Since aku knyang jua, i took one saja.. Thank u sir.. Not bad.. bulih tahan.. Heheh N asked me lagi about my secret on how to lose my weight.. and as usual aku gto i didn’t do anyting n he didn’t believe me.. Den ck juraidah laugh.. =.=”

After bio, chem... Skip lah hehe lazy am i to enter.. went down to the canteen.. met cck, ani, hong, naveen n khairi.. duduk2.. den ikut nurun to math klas to meet mr Fatty heheh... tp aku jumpa amal plg since cknya msa atu tcr siqin... pajal ia escape class and she DID!! Wow mal! Congrats. Ku gto mamamu ne Xp

Den duduk2 d kantin n d rest is history.. the school seems empty.. not much to do.. ksian..


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