Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tire swing.

Tomorrow is seng's bdayyyy. HAPPPYYY 18TH BIRTHDAYYYY TAIKO! HAHA =P I bet strangers think Seng is a poklen as he has 143 in his email address. LOL. It's kinda cool though, to confuse people. 16th will be muizz's.

Cricket cricket.

Anyway,i went to mrs singh's knitting class this morning. OMG knitting is wayyy harder than i thought. I kept messing up like after the first row, it just clearly proved to me that i am no good doing practical work. I envy Haziq Azazi, he is damn good at knitting. So is SABRI, sheesh if i am not mistaken, we get 'This is Sabri's work (A SUPER GREEN SCARF), i am quite impressed with him, i think he is very goood, this is verry nice" from mrs. singh every knitting day.

Congrats to MS choir for winning the competition! woo, champion ! =D Najmi told me how dramatic SOAS choir was, ohhhdamnit, i wanna see it so badly ! He also said there was a part where all of them did different "dramatic" and super patriotic movements before simultaneously going back to their manly position ! =)

Here i end this post.

P/s: Zaw is taking mandarin class at UBD. omg I want! hehe

Loveee, dils!

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