Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Luck, I need you!

Effing interview. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE DARN. =/

I find it very funny. !

SHEEEESH. that makes me less confident of getting the scholarship now, congrats dilah. Sigh, I guess now is just the matter of luck! =( If i don't get it, I guess....... well i still have my friends. ;(

Bah allow me to be emo okay. I am so sad. I bloody am not sure of getting it. Like PUHLEASSEEEE, I hate the woman who was in green tudong who kept giving me sinister smile whenever i finished answering. And like like like like (rollseyes), she couldnt get her eyes off me (eeeeee gali!!).


Interviewer: Hi How are you? Nervous?
Interviewer: I can see that, because you talk very fast.
Dils: Well, a bit nervous.... and im used to it (talkingfast)


Interviewer: Rate yourself from 1 to 10
Dils: Errr I m in no position to judge so i will let you do it.
Interviewer: we just met few minutes ago. You rate.
Dils: Okay, mayybeeeee....... around...... 8..... 8.5............
Interviewer: If I were you, I'd say EIGHT! You must be confident.
Interviewer: If another person said EIGHT, id choose her/him over you.
Dils (bitchy mode) : If I am not confident, i wouldnt be here talking to you loudly.

This is the part where all of them laughed.

OKAY I regret that.

Note to those who havent had their interviews: Do well ! =)

AND PLEASE! tell me whether I said the right thing or not! ='(

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