Friday, March 14, 2008


I just feel like updating this blog although i currently have nothing much to say.

Reasons why Sabri prefers boarding school over the once-glorious Maktab Sains:
1. He can show his LG phone off.
2. He can keep his curly hair the longest possible.
3. He can show off his slim body by wearing super tight punk outfits along with dark calak and durian hairstyle unlike in MS, we must wear school uniforms.
4. He can color his hair VIBGYOR (each must have different intensity).
5. He can use cheesy pick up lines such as 'hiiii leh kenalan' cos urang sana think its cool to speak other language.
6. He can sing Bisik Hati by our very own Maria the local infamous singer loudly without people giving a damn.
7. He can act hot because nobody knows he used to berisi macam ubi.
8. He can say things like 'ah cibai eh!' or 'ku sula kau karang pakai mubail' to anyone, provided 'anyone' refers to non-malay.

And other reasons that i can't think of.

But he will surely miss Sarah.
Here I give you a random conversation between my brother, adin, my dad and my cousin, awie.
  • Adin: Kuning rambutnya ah bah [urg dyed rambutnya].
  • Awie: Siapa kan tu?
  • Dad: Uncle ****** jua tu. Selalu ke laut tu ya ah.
  • Awie: Ahh, lama jua ya di laut atu ah.

Fear of hoping,

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