Friday, March 14, 2008

A revenge so sweet

I'm posting this post just to get revenge on dilah for writing random stuffs bout me.

Reasons why Dilah prefers boarding school over the once-glorious Maktab Sains:
1. She can show off her worn out chemistry file.
2. She can shaved her long hair and show it off since wearing tudong is not one of the school rules.
3. She can show off her true sense of fashion by wearing a super duper mini skirt n show off her cleavage unlike in MS, we must wear school uniforms.
4. She can color his hair VIBGYOR (each must have different intensity cmon she's taking physics people!).
5. She can use cheesy pick up lines such as 'hiiii leh kenalan' cos urang sana think its cool to speak other language.
6. She can sing Playin' Dis Game by our very own Kyodai the local infamous singer loudly without people giving a damn.
7. She can act hot because nobody knows she used to be a geek.
8. She can say things like 'ah cibai eh!' or 'bayie eh!' to anyone, provided 'anyone' refers to non-malay.

And other reasons that i can't think of.

But she will surely miss MARY n HARISAH.

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