Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memories of the sport selection 08

Yesterday, MSPSBS held the annual sports selection to choose the best athletes from each houses to participate in the sports day. It was fun though because me and rai were given special treatment by the pe teachers to control the PA system n ada ekon g Xp

Wat happen during dat day yg fun:

-Zul n Wafeeq bejalan on track msa early morning heheh drg dua gnya iatah romantik!

-Dilah was absent

-Sarah was absent as well as mono.. hmm bejanji ka?

-Zul became the DJ playing cool songs heheh

-Aerobic punya music "pls don't stop the music" by rihanna

-All the form ones jadi aerobic instructor guided by sir Azlan

-The quote "why is der a pregnant lady at the field?" by sir izam =.="

-The PE teachers bangang n ck mizah marah

-Ck mizah jd geng kami n each us how to organise a big event hehe

-Ck mizah n sir raymie talking bout babies n smal ding-dings


PS : Happy Bday SARAH G
Leha jadi ko ikut?

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