Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg on a swing

I dont know why I am here. oh wait i do. because ema asked me to at least write (type) something or otherwise, she is not going to send any songs (because she is my ultimate song downloader XD) Okay, firstly,this is to dayat, ema is waiting for your replies (tags) because it seems like after the emathinksyourecutething, she has become an avid reader of this blog (just to check the tagboard every once in a while) and suffers from paranoia. =D And by the way, she wants me to clarify the misunderstanding; she was referring to the tease, not to you dayat ;D So please, reply the tags my dear.

Just for the sake of filling the empty space here, lets move on to izzaty amanina. She claims to be stalked lately by somebody from MS and she thinks she is a poklen magnet,and her proposed solution is to be less poklenish pretty. congratulations love, youve found the way :D HAHA

....Im going to miss rahimah's wedding reception. AND tiqah, yen(indirectly) and i have made a discussion concerning bajus. HAHA the purpose is to prevent from people thinking kami bejanji pasal kami tepakai baju sama warna and to make sure everyone knows kami jemputan, not pemain hadrah.

OH im going to change this layout soon just to fit the trend. =X im searching for a layout that doesnt have any components related to love, but it seems impossible. =/ Peijin asked me to be patient because she is positive that i'll find a nice one :) Speaking of,sorry for the delay in sending the pics pj, im trying =( brunet sucks.

I really really really like this picture. HAHA i find it amusing that faiq actually posed in this photo (taken by aini!) because i believe i have never seen anything like this before. haha right actually im just doing this to tease him, (8) egg on a swing =D

Anyway, that is about it. Seeya =)

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