Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I miss 161 things. =D

I had my interview for ScienceSummit thing at STEP Centre on Tuesday, 18th March. I believe we were late for it since Bokh had to photocopy his IC at the library while his driver awaited (and he forgot to bring a copy of his olevel results as well, even though I have reminded him the night before. Ah pfft). Anyway, I messed up as always. However, as a pessimist, I do not mind. (Grinsbig)

My littlest brother , Khairul Adli Aminin just got back from bersunat at one of the private clinics, Dr. Hj Asri. I rushed to the kitchen once I heard my mum's voice. I happily grinned at my brother who walked funnily while saying 'Ka, lari wah lari wah, sakit wah ne.' haha Well at least, he can still hold the game controller. =D


I miss Chemistry.

  • Laughing at super fast notes-copiers such as tututututut. We admire her speed of copying. =D Right bri? Lovelovelove

  • Laughing at acronyms in ms mary's notes eg "~polymers s.a. nylon", we thought it was some sort of complex molecules' name when it actually stands for 'SUCH AS'.

  • Bazilah's excited mode on the last day of the first term.

  • The looks of those who copy notes macam siput when miss mary removes the notes from OHP. macam aku. macam sarah.

  • Sabri's handwriting and mine when copying notes. I can assure you ours lawa berabis kali ah. Sarah pun. Aini inda pasal she is always confident and insists on using pen instead of pencil.

  • Teacher's look when she says 'Oh my, am I too fast? 8O'

  • Our "satisfied" smiles upon seeing '31/53', '29/53' and '34/53' written in bright red on our answer sheets. Pass jua tu kan?

  • Warming up/Stretching before copying notes. =D

  • The loud conversation between si sarah and sabri. Such as 'Sarah suka mono' and sarah will be like 'Eh apakan ne brii'.

  • Another loud conversation between me and aini masa practical.

  • I can always show off my organised Chemistry file to Sabri =D

  • The work that has either short and difficult questions or long and . . . still difficult questions that needs to be done before the bell rings. Right, as if i ever finish anything in class.

I guess thats all I have. I suddenly run out of ideas because...



ps: Ms. Rahimah's wedding reception is going to be held at UBD, on sunday. =D

ps: EMA =D Kau bau. =D

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