Tuesday, March 25, 2008

27 dresses (Sabri)

from the name, you can guess its a female movie. Yea, today kami went to the mall n watch dis freaking movie. we gather around at DQ (unlike sum ppl yg tunggu arh best eastern Xp) wer si silah gnya minum heheh.. we waited n waited sampai semua urg dtg xcpt izzat sal ia late wahaha so kami tinggalkan ia.

msa kmi liat move atukan, the person yg duduk infront of yeefah ani over wah, ia gnya yg ketawa mcm FAT women (no offence heheh) annoying wah hahah n kami ketawakan ia.

anyways bnrrnya aku kan post this article tuk si dilah. aku jumpa dis article from one of my sis magazine under the sex+body column.

Coffee Immunity

I started working at a young age and my job requires me to be awake during the early hours of morning, thus i have to take at least five cups everyday to stay awake.

At the beginning, i never had to drink so many cups. But as time passed, I found that I had to drink more to keep awake. Can someone become immune to the effects of caffeine? How else can I keep awake if I only get very few hours of sleep? Could drinking too much coffee have a bad effect on health?

On top of that, coffee causes me to hav bad breath even though I brush my teeth more than three times a day and are there any sure-cure ways for my bad breath?
YellowedTeeth(the sender)

It seems to me you know your work needs to be awake early. So why don't you start sleeping earlier? It is either your job or your life. You can become a liability to your company if you are unable to work properly. Accidents can happen and then that would be a disaster.

Coffee, tea and other chocolate drinks actually are diuretics and they absorb water from your blood circulation which will then dry up yur body tissue and are made to pass out as urine. So the more you drink, the thirstier you get, which means you have to visit the toilet very often.

The bad breath you suffer from could also be caused by your bad sleeping habits. You can get indigestion and also food stuck in your mouth as a result of poor dental hygiene. If you drink too much coffee, you are bound to get bad stains. So you may need to see a dentist as well

PS: tadi si nadia n ayub liat wayang. wahaha I hope no sexual act happened =.="

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