Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm just back from panglima's field performance practice and it was AWESOME! I tot dat we're gona suck again dis year like last year. It was totaly different. We're gona rock the field hehe the song was not bad n i like it better den whine up by Kat n elephant man(Laksamana house buuuuu).. Unlike other houses, we choreograph ourself n as i sed it was awesome XP hehe

I hav a question for limewire user. Why everytime if u search for sumtin,ada dis one keluar ... cute girl has orgasm on webcam?? Hell u cute girl hahah.. annoying bah!! seesh stupit banar

Anu bah, ada dis one day, me, sarah n dilah had a convo arh msn n kinda siuk. we invent new nicknames for our frens. Why did it started? cos dilah asked sarah why she caled herself starship. U guys wana noe the story?? ok The story goes like dis.. umm her cuzkan ada create a nickname n she was jealous of him. at first her nick was star (derived from sar, geddit? sar-star... *cricket cricket*)it was dull plg. den kan her bulb gets lighted up when she watch the starship troopers! n dats how it started..

So here r the list of nicknames:
dilah - Badil (my idea)
sabri - barisan (my idea)
ck harisah - air sasahan *pfft* (at first it was menyasah den sarah spiced it up *my idea*)
zaw - saw (dilah's idea)
raihan - lohan (sar's idea)
ian - berlian (sar's idea)
aini - ain ghain (my idea)

si mono/chiasmata punya nick is only for adults.. so kids under age nda bulih tau heheh.. ah sarah n dilah ah~

School holiday is almost over. we only have one day left! So make full use of it or u'll regret it. seesh!! esuk jadika dil mliat shutter ani?? whoops expose tia tani ada date heheh.. fusion, he we come..

yours truly,
lhorus710 heheh (nda ju pyh si dilah editkan kan~)

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