Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Once upon a time

It was the night before the MS annual teachers' day celebration. The beast was exhausted after dildoing with the beastees.. Around 7PM, she came to the banquet hall(one of my luxurious room in my castle LOL), begging me to give her some kolo mee n ostrich meat.. I have to give her some despite of her ugly appearance.. I was wondering.. am I too nice or my friends are too evil.. i mean, they can help her financially 4 plastic surgery.. At least it can improved her image.. Anyways.. she looked cheap with her tongue hanging outside.. i gave her the meat n she ate it!!

Water... Give me water!!! sed the beast..

Sory my dear i finished it already.. She fainted.. I kicked her at her face n she responded.. Im not dead.. just dehydrated.. Ok.. I was worried ya noe.. She'a a very rare but cheap beast.. 15 minutes later THE CHARLIE'S ANGEL [Lucy lu(MSs Nor Chua), Cameron Diaz(Ms Lee) n i forgot wats her name(Ms Robina)] came to the rescue.. They brought lots of nasi katoks aka knock rice with them.. BUT wheres the water.. They screamed!! Oh no charlie didnt informed us!!.. Feeling worried, sumone told us that MSs Harisah[the beast mommy] will come in 15 mins with drinks n chocs.. Everyone was happy n praised her like the queen of the castle..

The end

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