Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Another day another adventure..

the main ques is, y do ppl tink im wit amal?? Nonsense.. (listening to kucing garong while holding a black guitar) Funny ya noe.. ani giliran dyg izzy plg g menginterviu kadiaku.. cakap nda, memajal.. cemanakan tu?? nda saya paham bah..

eh msa ne damam season ka?? i woke up at 2am today bcoz of stupit migrain n headache.. i went to the dining room, searcing for panadol in the dark.. then talan dua biji followed by drinking a glass of cold water.. (im thirsty ya noe!!).. ten back to my bed switching on my air cond(i forgot to switch it on b4 i went to sleep, so its kinda hot pasal bekipas ganya).. The migrain wont fades away.. my stomach makes a wierd sound.. i wonder why does it behaved like dat?

Forcing myself to sleepp.. and as predicted i cant.. my skin starts to sweat psl my body temp makin naik. and at 5:30am, i woke up n went stret to the bathroom lalalala

Just 4 fun

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