Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thirteen tales of love and revenge

Ignore the title. I am just tryna make it sound so flowery. haha righteous. (That is an album title anyway, by The Pierces)

Anywoots, so happy, i am. i managed to finish my coursework by 6 am this morning. Of course, i didnt sleep the whole night and to achieve that level, i drank a number of cups of nescafe. luckily, it did its job so well. =)

i slept at 7 am and woke up again at 2ish pm. that was only because my brother kept nudging me to wake up. 'sang, banguntahh, bila kau hantar project mu?' so yes, i went to school around 2.40. unfortunately,there was no one there. i mean, my classmates were not there. so yes, i tried calling Aini, Raihan and Hafiz but no one picked up! grrr at you guys. well, it didnt actually bother me that much cos i planned to text ms. goh. 'Ya.. i went home oledi. just hand it in on monday morning!' Haiya. =/

moving on. we went to my brother's girlfriend's house at limau manis. we stayed there until entah pukul brapa pasal c nazry bwa my brother main ps. hahaha. i was very sleepy and my eyelids were so heavy already, asking me to lie down. i dared not do that, i knew it would be embarrassing.

tick tock tick tock. my brother lost the football match to nazry. my brother stretched. 'kapaangggggggggggg!' wooo, he broke a small vase. haha. the story is, he accidentally pushed a small cupboard behind him causing the vase to crash on the floor; while he was stretching. i looked,i stared; i smiled.

kaka bibi offered me white maltesers. UHMMM nyaman~ i wonder whether they do sell white maltesers in brunei or not. cos i want it so badly now. =S

anyway, its time to hit the sheets. i wna get some sleep. proper sleep. =)

dilly.. =)

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