Thursday, September 13, 2007

Look behind

This is a video we took at rbc. enjoy.

Anyway, i cant talk. shooot. cause i really feel like screaming, for a reason of course. Simply put, i am actually sad or perhaps angry. why? na-ah, i am not gna mention it here. cough cough. egad, this is killing me, stupid sore throat..

i keep on coughing and coughing. and every cough brings too much pain. uhh. ='( anywoot, ming wei and hidayat (dayatausie, not dayat adik zatul) are coming back soon, from singapore and australia respectively. last seen them last year. but both are not going back for good though.. sigh, i miss them. old friends. =)

speaking of, my mom said we are not going anywhere this december, well we are supposed to. she said she is postponing the vacation to next march. ohh. =( 6 months away to march.

my brother is going back to uk on 22nd september.. i tthink. XO and his gf is going back to mesir on the 15th. wahlau eh. =)

anyway, bah i am going, seeyaaaa.

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