Thursday, September 13, 2007


Awwwww.. 2z!!! =) too bad,nada ming rui/fina.

I dont miss hiking. thank god its already puasa time. gila eh if c perry wants us to go hiking.

He aint my friend. i am just putting this picture here to fill up the page. XD
Ry: control yo, ada urg menggambar!! wheee.
Yen: batah jua c fred ane eh..
Last year memories. cough, first girl, second girl, third girl, fourth girl, fifth girl, come up to front and stand here. =/ courtesy of haziq, thanks for taking our picture. haha
Dilly: tyx, camera ku 3.0 megapixel yawww.
Tyx: Yawahh? *stares*

Aini: Egad, dils, dont post it on the internet. malu to have friends like ry.

Nuren: Hold your breath guys! we re on the camera!

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