Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Limerence; it defines the feeling some of you might be experiencing. haha. search it on wikipedia if you havent got a darned clue of what im crapping about. (courtesy of ema, she wasted her 5 cents just to tell me that=P)

Moving on. today has been an eventful day. gila. i woke up suuuuper late this morning and wasted more than 1/2 of the day itself in bed instead of sitting here doing coursework.

Anyway, right after i had lunch, i heaved a long long sigh when seeing this laptop. you get the picture. =P i had decided to print out everything iv got and oh damnit, it took me more than 10800 seconds to print out 119 pages of papers worth my energy. stupid printers.

Moving on again. we went to orchid garden to have dinner. my brother lanja, thank you anyway. along with his girlfriend,we sat on a 12 seated table at a corner of the hall. my cousins came; ate together and bla bla yada yada. i ordered hamburg steak anyway. my dad asked me to order fish and chips but too bad, they were already out of stock.

then i saw very familiar fair skinned faces. oh it was ida's family. met ida, greeted ida. then continued eating and chitchatted. bla bla bla when we were about to leave, i just noticed ameh (my lil brother) is already taller than me. XO sob sob. and he is very very proud of it.

sigh, soon, everybody is gonna leave, to where they were, to uk/egypt. sighhhhh.
malas to sambung. i am sleepy and i cant stop thinking about my project. ayoyoyoyoyoy!

dilly. =D

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