Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheerandom thought

Hey fellows and strangers. Current job: yawning. obviously, i am bored though i actually have a computer coursework to kill the time. but whatsoebbbber. doesn't really bother me.

I chatted to the other 3 female marmosets known as tyx, yen and ry. enjoyed the long chat until all of them had to cater to their respective love. =D

So here i am, in the tv room, watching my lil bro playing games and eavesdropping my other brother who is currently on the phone. what theheck; i cant even hear anything properly. Maybe i should IM dayat/zelle/timmy; they entertained me last night. at least. =D haha
anyway,i shouldget going. selamat uhh, pagi. =)

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