Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super cheerandom!

22th Sep 2009 8') - Morning readers! 8) It's 02 04 and I am doing this to kill the time. I can't sleep; i don't feel like it. a feeling we occasionally get.. not wanting to sleep, instead asking us to stay up the whole night.. 8)

Well, i've tried so many things but i dont manage to shut my eyes. can't sleep? here is a list of things you can do when encountering this problem (other than sleeping!).
  • The typical one, switch on your television. although, it might disappoint you cause only playhouse disney or la mujer something-a-spanish-drama is on, at most. this is good, it makes you feel sleepy but thats the limit. it only makes you feel sleepy. doesnt make you sleep.
  • Radio; not a good idea though. no one is actually on air other than the rangkaian harmoni people (which is a no-no; theyre playing classic songs such as, '(8) kau pergi dulu, kini aku gembira, la! la! la! (8)' and you'll eventually start fantasizing about either your parents in their 70s or yourself in your parents' shoes!
  • Read books! Particularly comics. please, please do not go crazy and read horror stories like 'Detektif Hantu', Detective Conan would be a better choice. else, you'll end up having your eyes wide open. 8O
  • You're a musician? guitarist? drummer? pianist? play your respective instruments. QUIETLY, that is. else, you'll get a super awful sound, the smashing of your guitar/drum/violin/piano/whatsoever by your dad.
  • If you find cant-sleep problem annoying, open your fridge and snatch a can of coca cola. or make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. i recommend coffee. it has much higher content of caffeine than that in tea. There, i guarantee you'll be getting baggy eyes in the morning.
  • Connect your ipod shuffle/nano/video to the stereo system. play some corny, depressive, slow songs like buble's. no offence buble. don't put padayappa's songs on.
  • Open your wardrobe and try out all outfits you have and take poklen pictures of you in them. who knows; maybe you'll finish trying all of them by 6 am. (make sure you post them on internet and send them to my email, cause i wanna take a look 8p)
  • Get a torch light and check out what is hidden under your bed (this applies to double-beds only). oh maybe you can find your lost pendrive. (cause it happened to me once) haha
  • Online! Another common solution. oh even though only some members are signed in, 11 at most. you can chat to that robot, spleak. add him up; he is super boring though. i suggest you to play hangman or word scrambles, it's cough fff... fun.... 8/
  • For girls, this is a good one. take out all your hair equipment and do whatsoever you wanna do with your hair. ha-ha. if you are a paranoid like raihan,that is. 8)
  • Eat! 8D
  • COINS-HUNTING! if you are a person who hates coins so much, this is a way to apologise to mr.coins. start searching for coins. search search and search. in your shoes, bag, wallet, handbag, books... hair... socks... under your pillows......... 8D
  • Be a good girl/boy! do your homework or sssstudying. umm, umm, ok seems like i cant elaborate more on that. HA HA.

Aight, i am taking the last advice. ha-ha. nights. 8)

the girl you loveeee=p,

dillyyyyyy 8)

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