Thursday, September 20, 2007

A date so sweet

20th Sep 2007- I am downloading OST of The Magicians of Love. it is currently shown at 8tv during weekdays at 3.00pm 8) i love watching chinese/korean/japanese dramas... 8D oh well.

Anyways,school has been very hectic these days. I do not really know the reason behind it but i know i doze off immediately upon reaching home. 8(

We cant bring phones to school anymore. its part of the rules already; but whattheheck, im breaking it, sometimes. it is just hard to survive school without phones. ha ha. especially during boring lessons, like.. english. 8P Aight, yesterday, someone warned us to hide our phones as teachers were supposed to go around and check if anybody would dare bringing their phones to school. as usual,we didnt panic, instead agreed to hafiz's idea (im talking about taller hafiz) to hide ours at the safest place EVER.... the super small space between the wall and the big cabinet. 8D Okay, maybe that sounded so desperate, now read carefully what the 5h-ers did; they hid their phones in the Heart. Yes, in case youre wondering, they ve made a cotton-made model of heart for the science fair this year. so, they cut it into half, hid their phones and put the pieces back together. smart. 8)

Today, 5c and 5a watched the Inconvinient Truth. The movie is alright.... for nature lovers. I am not saying I am not, but i was nearly asleep in the lecture theatre. Plus, it was dark and cold (at least, my spot was), so yeah. i kept changing my sitting conditions; to prevent myself from dozing off. but at least, i paid attention to the movie. I am... inspired (nods like Al Gore) =p

Happy belated birthday, Fudge! and happy birhtday Muamar!

dilly.. 8)

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