Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pear in syrup

I had superb time tonight. (well,sadang)

we went to millenium; having sungkai buffet. fast forward, fast forward. dessert time! There s nothing much to eat (seriously) so i just took fruits ranging from honeydew to papaya (Typical ones! oh then suddenly... something caught my eyes! ah-ha! Peaches! Nyum,i loove peaches! the second in my list after plums. they put the peaches in a bowl of syrup. looking delicious, i became so greedy but decided to take two only. fast forward...

BLEEEYAAAAAAKKKKKKK! they werent peaches! sh*t. they were PEARS IN SYRUP. or simply put, jaruk bahh! 8(

COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH i am really not feeling well. no, i dont mean that typical not-feeling-well state, this is serious not-feeling-well. i ve been coughing since the last few days and it gets worse after eating so much ice cream. 8p okay okay, i admit, i couldnt help it, chocolate mint ice cream; so irresistable (And a 3.50 worth of dq choc shake). 8)

Anyway, i just realise i have got so much homework to do. (After asking colin that is). okayyy ladies and gents, it is time to doze off. selamat malam! (mwah) 8) 8)


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