Saturday, September 22, 2007

Depressedarn enter

Dilly whispered that school was oo.. okay but the weather was not. very hot, till her cheeks got super red, like a roasted pig.

Anyway, she was told that there is going to be a photo shoot this saturday and sungkai with her mates on the same day. Dilly's mind hasnt been made up yet; whether or not to go. But she is most probably going; if her friends sungkai at orchid. 8) 8) or perhaps dynasty or millenium. 8D 8D

Dilly is going ga-ga now. I don't know what happened to her but she's been exercising those muscles in her mouth. non-stop chitchatting with friends today. Maybe its a result of sleeping at 4ish am. or that is just the normal dilly, maybe i never realised she is talkative after all.

Tomorrow, she is going to get a haircut. promised with ry already. haiya. dilly groaned, "let's just hope it 'll turn out okay". 8)

Sleeping she'll be after this. Perhaps this post is boring in contrast to the other posts. Dilly finally said, "Go read the old ones lahhhh. eesh! 8("

Dilly's another personality<3

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