Sunday, September 23, 2007

Say kimchi!

Anyong haseyo! Aight, if you think I am a korean super pathe-fanatic fan who screams whenever Rain is on tv, no, i am not. so-so. 8)

Gone out a while ago to get my haircut at kathy chai.. uhm, i was thinking of posting a picture of me but na-ah, i find it embarrassing okay. (blushes) All in all,it was uhm alright, not one of the fancy haircuts. speaking of, haircut reminds me of Neo-Image! And Neo-Image reminds me of... The Magicians of Love!! 8D 8D and that of course reminds me of Ming Dao. 8) (laughs pervertedly). I can't wait for the next episode, i just wish there is a dvd boxset of the drama, so i can watch it whenever i want.. too bad i cant find it in brunei! 8( 8(

Oh well, 22 hours left to 3pm tomorrow. (if i calculated correctly: its 17 00 now). I don't feel like coming to school tomorrow. i am still sick. i just think it's superduper embarrassing when i keep on coughing and coughing at school. inda cukup vitamin kali nya urang.

Okay, obviously, i have nothing to talk about here. Anyway, i've already decided the subjects i am taking for 6th form. they are: gp, chem, maths and physics. I wanted to take computing as my extra subject but cancelled it at the very last minute after listening to dad's and brothers' advice. But, i am grateful, i wont have to sacrifice an A for the next two years. 8D

So, here i am going to stop. The next post will be about korean/taiwanese/japanese guys. 8D 8D

Always love,

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