Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mouth ulcer

I am certainly not OK. Mouth ulcer. This is what you get after consuming excessive amount of coke and less of water. A symptom of dehydration. Headache is a bitch and oh,my neck hurts too. All because of the stupid ulcer. Mom said that i should drink lots and lots of water,2 bottles per day at least. So,i expect myself to be bloated up by um,sunday or if i'm lucky, monday. Speaking of,that is when the qualifier starts. Oh! Eegad. Im laying here in bed (blogging thru phone) doing absolutely zilch while the clock keeps ticking, exam is less than 3 days away! =/ bah,this is where i stop. Ciao!

- - -
good thing that i havent published the previous post cause i want to continue. I slept for an hour before my mom kept nudging me to apply bonjela on the mouth ulcers. Ow and what a surprise,i didnt scream in pain. Instead,i thought i looked funny in the mirror! Mouth open and a cotton bud with bonjela on each end slowly entering my mouth. It tastes so sweet even when the label says, sugar free. Oh oh,its time to hit the blankets,selamat malam! Hohoh. =D

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