Sunday, August 12, 2007


Went to this particular restaurant last night for supper at kb. And godamnit,everything tasted terrible. Since im sufferin from mouth ulcers,i had decided not to eat something too spicy or heavy,thus choosing beef kolo mee. And yuck,i didnt touch it at all. Whats kolo mee without the kuah? Uhm. And the slimy sound,aiye. =S apparently,i didnt eat it all. Yeah,i am fussy,if you must know.

my father's tandoori chicken was cold. They took it back, heated it up for several minutes till some of the parts got burnt and put some sauce on it before serving it back. Baka.

my lil brother said his rice tasted so slimy and er soft. Macam bubur ekk.

Basically,that was the worst supper ever.

g'day mates!

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