Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yesterday, I was as sad as a little girl who lost her Barbie. Then, someone IM-ed me and after talking to ry on the phone, I am all happy again. =) Its all because of misjudgment, misunderstanding and of course, myself who always jumps to conclusions.

To tiqah, if you’re reading this, yeah, thanks babe, foolish me.

What I’m tryna say is, when you doubt something or somebody, do not; I repeat, do not, ever do something childish. Ha-ha. Bari malu yooo.

Anyway, ha-ha 100x I can’t stop laughing. I am funny (sarcastically). The feeling of embarrassment, to me, is strange. No, my cheeks don’t get too red, but my ears do. Super red! Glad that wearing tudong is a must. It’s always like this; the whole of me is burning and I can feel the hot air around me.

But to see me blush is hard unless you caught me doing something so embarrassing or you embarrassing me. Or after doing something that makes me happy. The feeling of satisfaction makes me smile all the time.

What happened today.
Wee-Wee called me LALA in front of everyone.
The other day, during recess. <3
My father purposely called me asg loudly when I accidentally left my phone in the car. Ha-ha. He always does it anyway.

Otherwise, I keep all those emotions inside. =)

Well, embarrassment actually brings a lot of fun especially when I am mad. The anger slowly fades away as I think of uh yeah, embarrassing things I do. There was once, I was angry with Jolibee (sp?) because they had not yet come when it was already 12.50+ (we asked them to come before 12.30). So, I called. Somebody picked up and I was going to swear my head off. Unfortunately, I said, ‘Oh HOLLE!’ instead of ‘OH HELLO!’. Aini found it very hilarious because at that moment, I squinted (vb?) my eyes, murmuring ‘shit’ as I blushed. That was excruciating. I just couldn’t say anything that I rolled my tongue to the very back for a few seconds before I started to speak again.

Despite that, I do actually have a good laugh every time I see/suddenly think about ry and tix. Both are funny and yeah, prone to accidents (but tiqah defines it better). Ry; honestly, it is ironic that I am always there when she embarrasses herself. To exemplify this, the time we played the stick-your-tongue-out game. I don’t want to elaborate more on that because basically, you just must not at look the other opponent as she ‘julur’ you. (Whatsoever. This is kind of hard to explain). Back to focus. We were on our way to biology lab that day. I accidentally dropped my pencil case but she thought I was avoiding myself from seeing her julur. To my surprise, as I bent down to get my pencil case, she suddenly stood on her knees (Rasa kan menjulur) before finally sitting on the floor due to improper body balance. HA-HA.

Strangers are funny when ‘stalked’ carefully and patiently. Like the time we observed people walking on the walkway from 5C corridor. Ha-ha. =D the details; ask me if you would like to know. Otherwise, uh, don’t bother.

So yes, those embarrassing moments people (or I) encounter put a smile on my face when I am not in the mood. Apparently, it is better than nothing; to cheer me up. =) do the same, I hope this method works on you because if it doesn’t, you better see a psychologist. Last but never the least, keep smiling. =)


Nurul Adilah

Words of wisdom: to heal a broken love is to apply the medicine of forgiveness.

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