Monday, September 28, 2009

First exeat weekend

I had core math lesson for period 9 and I was in a hurry bcos Ms Scott won't stop talking about modulus function. Class overshoot a lil bit by 5 minutes i think. I ran straight to my room, stripped my self, put on jeans, tank top and SUPER DRY hoodie Xp Owh dont forget the red levi's shoes and socks. My taxi was at 4.45 and yes, it came exactly at 4.45. I left Oswestry and went straight to Shrewsbury hoping that no traffic jam in the way. Felt nausea cos maybe no air movement in the car (the aircond was off cos its cold). At least i survived and we arrived early than expected. Went straight to the ticket booth to buy the ticket before boarding. What scares me during that time was a poster with an ugly face on it satying WANTED FOR RAPE. hmmm sure...

I board the non direct train cos I was supposed to fetch izzy from coventry. But she was takut2an kali and she board the wrong virgin train. She did arrive safely at London Euston and earlier than me. She sat infron of paper chase near WHSmitch. I saw her from far away and since i was very iski i cancelled my plan to play a prank on her. My intention was to annoy her of coZ! Went straight to her n HUGGED her. Dayum, jeles rabi emran. From there, bermulalah London experience of Izzy Isa with me ;)

We went underground (eseh, kinky bunyinya) kan naik the tube to go to paddington and meet aklimah. I talked to much with izzyisa and didnt realised that with 100% confidence kami naik the wrong tube. We were supposed to board the Hammersith and city line tapi ternaik metropolitan. Haha no wonder i feel weird cos warnanya purple instead of yellow or pink. At least sampai jua d paddington. Masa d Brunei Hall main entrance, i saw the warden and warn si klimah n izzyisa. Panicked! Aku control and walk in dengan cool2nya then beranti dpn reception and greet the warden "Selamat Hari Raya Cikgu *senyum*" and ia balas "bah selamat hari raya" WOHOO!! haha inda PMS pastu si aklimah setaie jua ikut2an haha Bad news, nada bilik *&$^%#**(%%^# so surau lah bilik kami, bini2 ambil the large one sal drg basar2 sebagang *exhibit A : Rabiemran* haha and guys bilik kami like 1/4 of their room and kami semua muat!

Mr Isa texted izzy to not to go out once ia d Bhall but then bahapa? Ia ke London with a purpose! To experience it sama kami. So aku suggest her to walk from Bhall to Tesco, Baskin Robbins , Chicken Cottage and Paddington Station. Atu baru trial tu for the next day kan jalan2 shopping d oxford street. Tahan jua ia bejalan (Y).. And we wished aklimah Happy birthday at exactly 12am of 269, nyanyi lagu n bagi ia "cake". The weirdest 18th bday for akilmah i suppose? That nite masa the guys kan tidur, bini2 bising n sibuk begambar2 *slumber party much?!*. Gila, stress semua lelaki! So kami guys main game. We farted and belawan! Haha I farted the best sal baunya sungguh aroma therapy HAHAHA and aku kana sandwhich ulih farid n cck. Subuhnya I heard si muizz berazan subuh n aku inda sadar. Rabi n izzy tot atu antu HAHAHA..

the morning of 269 as usual bini2nya bee ae, BA, tee ae aech TAH.. BA-TAH! pukul 12 ish barutah bejalan but before that asa sesi bitching with rabiemran on the phone. Haha manis teamwork of aku, izzyisa n aklimah. Yeah, ditch clc!

Summary for the whole day of 269 : brunch at wok in a box (Y), shopping n window shopping at hmv, H&M, schuh, topshop*izzyisa bali kasut*, topman. Minum d Starbucks. Sambung shooping/window shopping d Ferrari, Abercrombie and Fitch and MANGO *aklimah bali trench coat merah advise dari stylish sabriali haha*. D Abercrombie and Fitch dua BINI2 went wild and modelnya ampus menari HAHAHA Masa otw ke bas ada bini2 sama bajunya sama si rabiemran and rabiemran use aku tuk betapuk. Oh come on!! Badan diri atu sebagang! LOL

That nite semua urg belawa2 including aku. Paginya lawa pulang udah, tapi mlmnya lawa-er. Dinner at oscars. Best mexican steak (Y). After than went straight to Queensway jumpa the rest and then balik bhall. Ada lg cina bedrama sumtin sal deprived or whatever. Don't care~

Owh i slept in room 404. yeah!! Xp

i say exohexoh to izzyisa, rabiemran n aklimah for the awesome weekend.

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