Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wash your hands!

To the crew of RBA, please please please clean kapal terabang kamu. Aga cover everything pakai plastic to minimise the spread of H1N1 virus.
People!! Wash your hand regularly!! I don't want to go back and get quarantined. 

 During chemistry lesson today, Mrs Renwick brought us to the computer lab. The purpose was to do the Royal Society of Chemistry Olypiad. Yea sure.... Pacah jua kepala bepikir. This thing is similar to mcm yang Australian Chemistry competition whatever. Tapi ani yang awesomenya kami answer online and in few minutes lapas siap kana bagi result tarus. Below adalah result saya. i need to revise more on inorganic chem.

RSC Online Olympiad for Lower 6th Students 2009
School: Oswestry School
Student: Mohammad Sabri Mohd Ali
Test Date: 22-Jun-2009
RSC Student Report

No QuestionCorrectSkill
1Reactions of alcoholsOR
2Physical properties of alcoholsOR
3Reactions of alcoholsOR
4Reactions of alcoholsOR
5Catalyst effect on energy requirementsPH
6Reactions of halogenoalkanesOR
7Electron configuration.U
8Ionisation energy.PH
9Mass spectrometry.PH
10Mass spectrometry.CAL
11Electron configuration.U
12Ionisation energy.PH
13Structual isomerismOR
14Naming alkenesOR
15cis-trans isomerismOR
16Classifying organic reactionsOR
17Saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbonsOR
18Classifying organic mechanismsOR
19Oxidation statesIO
20Oxidation number equationsIO
21Intermolecular forcesU
22Bonding in Al compoundsIO
23Trends in electronegativityPH
24Combining half-equationsIO
25Converting moles to masses.IO
26Molecular formula calculationOR
27Molarities of solutionsIO
28Molecular shape.U
29Using the molar volume of gasesPH
30Titration calculation.IO
31Calculation involving reacting masses.IO
32Using the molar volume of gasesIO
33Using Le Chatelier’s principlePS
34Ionic equations of reactions with acidsIO
35Equations from titration informationIO
36Predicting enthalpy change for neutralisationIO
37Enthalpy change of combustionK
38Calculating nitrogen tetramersIO
39Finding a molecular formulaOR
40Enthalpy change for a reactionIO
   Correct                        Incorrect                    -  Not Attempted

Problem Solving101
Total  33040

Physics was rather weird dari sehari ke sehari. He asked us to calculate the velocity of the Earth. Mudian kira berapa speednya pukul 9 malam karang. And he even thought us on how to use our own analog watch as a compass!!!! Apa lagi ah, sumting sal terabang ke new york if arrive same time masa departure. Arhhh... enuf is enuf. ngalihku.

Ti, a date at fitness zone? sure

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