Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Katy perry's songs keep me going

The exam day is nearly day. Just be patient darling hoho

yes, esuk bermulanya examku. OCR Mathematics Core 1. I don't really like core 1 pasal we are not allowed to use calculator. Damn u! Seriously, i can't live without my old/graphical calculator. With graphical calculator i can draw the graph w/o learning by hard and i can solve quadratic equation automatically jua. Hehe kes malas wah. Graphical calculator is like the best mathematical instrument ever!

Ok lets revise about Core 1 a bit... the major topics:

  • Equation of circle
  • Transformation of graph
  • Differentiation
  • Quadratic equation
  • Indices and surds
  • Co-ordinate geography
yea.. basically thats it. Ada pulang anak2nya lagi. 

I think kan replying for applying so Ripas attachment ani mcm informal wah. Pasal ia pakai short form and mcm bukan buat urusan wah. Haha if aku tau mereply mcm pOkeLenZz ku. Nadawah. She said that no problem. Aku apply for shadowing arah laboratory department. I hope dapat.

want to go back to brunei pasal lama sudah ia inda makan makai jari-jemarinya.. like SERIOUSLY!!!

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