Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello again

I found this photo when i was cleaning my shelf. It was hidden between those thick useless piles of paper. This photo was taken during the valentines ball where the Bruneians in Oswestry decided to take a full, proper photo of the oswestrians =)

The other photo was during theme night where all of us dress like caveman and boulders

Not only that, i just found out that i have more than two bottles of perfume!! Hahaha gila... I only use the pull and bear and the ralph lauren's one. The rest atu inda berapa. Iatahtu nah... jangan bali yang murah. The blue one is okay i guess. The superior atu smell like metal-ish and the intense atu sungguh intense!! Macam pepper baunya.

I like the middle one hehe

Yesterday during tea, we were talking bout foods! These food are the ones yang jadi issue sal sorang2 tais liur~

  • Liking (is that how u speel it?)
  • Cakoi (with kaya of course)
  • Ice cream dari Swensen (Shenna lanja Xp)
  • Pais
  • Tongkeng ayam (hehehe)
  • Typical fast food like KFC and Jollibee
  • Capers (si didin melanja ne)
  • C.A. Mohammad (aku lanja HAHAHA)
  • Snowhouse (pasal si nad.. and syarifah lanja ne hehe)
  • Ikan bilis
  • Ikan pila2
  • Pari
  • Octopus and snail from excapade (eww)
  • Makanan pasar malam
  • Ambuyat + kicap Xp
  • BBQ!
  • Ideal
  • and etc.. inda ku ingat.
We are going to go back to brunei SOON anyway.. So, sabar saja. Semua urang eager kan balik pasal mau attachment. Cali. And I cant wait to see Izzy Isa!! Like seriously girl.... Walaupun usulmu mcm zarina.. INDA KHU DULI!!! me demand ur CUPcakes hehehe

During bio mock module 2 kan. Aku kepayahan and aku just antam2 jawab semua den aku siap awal. Tinggal 30 minutes. During that time my imagination melayang. Melayang to Brunei and bepikir what should I do nanti. Sigh... I have lots of friend... No no im not complaining... Three bunch of people jadi concern... TKG, drg shidah and zatie sama last but not least Izzy Isa.. phew

Talor tu if aku fail biology!! NADA CALI!

cant wait to go cruising! haha

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