Wednesday, March 18, 2009

weird moment

This happened during prep time.. around half past seven-ish..

*knock knock*

SABRI : Yea? *Sambil concentrate menulis definition of transverse wave*

POLLY : Are you buthy? *her s is th. If u get what I mean. Not trying to be mean here ok!*

SABRI : Not really. Why?? *Mseh menulis definition of transverse wave*

POLLY : Can I get you now?

SABRI : *Liat ia and stop menulis. Mua bangang.* Why?

POLLY : *Mua mengampu*

SABRI : Now?

POLLY : Yea *mua mengampu*

SABRI : aaa ok *automatically!!! without knowing anything and masih bangang*

POLLY : Mrs Morris wants you to go to PHC. And Sab *Liat nama pintuku* ri... I mean Melvin too..

SABRI : His room is next to the kitchen *Mua sasak sal ia pikir aku melvin!! Hmmph*

Polly jalan ke bilik si melvin..

Hahahah bangang jua tu. Aku nda berapa cakap sama ia and ia trus2 katuk pintu bilikku and tanya wether I'm busy or not den cakap can I get u now. Pfft

FYI, polly is the girl in yellow dress below. I heard she's and Indian got adopted sumtin2. Iakan Shenna?? Correct me If I'm wrong.

Pikah ----> buntal

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